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Start of new EduHack at #ecil12

Hi folks,

we do a day-long EduHack session at EduCamp in lovely Ilmenau at the TU Ilmenau campus deep in the Thüringer Forest.

Feel free to use the room MachBar 1 (makeable one) as a kind of shared workspace. Right now two projects are cooking:

  • @piesi is hacking the Wii remote to use it with this Muvisu project (Pure Data based Open Source GuitarHero/Rockband style music learning app).
  • @kadewe (aka me) is going to hack QRCodes into the website so you can leave a QRCode at a place to link to your draufhaber video.

Join us and do your own hack! Learning media, program or idea, sketch it out and just do it!

Student engagement in lectures with Socrative

Socrative is a solution to use the mobile phones and gadgets of your students to use them as super-powerful clickers to poll in a class, do small tests etc. Looks like a very nice and easy solution to get rid of dedicated clicker-hardware – assuming your students do have Smartphones and can log into your schools wifi. I will test this over the next few weeks in one of my lectures and report my experiences.

Recap of EduHack at ecco12

Hi Folks,

we had some interesting projects at yesterday’s short EduHack at Educamp Cologne 2012. Tonight most projects will do a demo or die session hosted by Thomas Bernhardt.

We will vote for several price categories: Strongest Reality Distortion Field, Most Epic Demo Fail, Best One Last Thing, Most funny presentation, Most Beautiful Slides etc. Hopefully Thomas will document some of the demos – I have to leave early today.

My own VBadge project progressed a bit, I am currently building my VBadge demo app using Badger2. More info to follow…

Learning process at EduHack

2 hours in the project, let’s see:

I didn’t now - using VMs on the fly for devs - soon to be called Mozilla Persona browser based IDs

After some reading of the Mozilla Open Badge Infrastructure GitHub wiki I have decided to build upon a Django project (  with great documentation at 

A reference django playdoh website installation is available at

I will start to set this up now…

My EduHack project this weekend: VBadge prototype

Starting the project, based on our entry VBadge into the DML Open Badge Competition - we were finalists together with, but didn’t get funding in the finals :( 

VBadge is an extension to the Mozilla Open Badge infrastructure (MOBI) which links badges to a video proof. A VBadge not only displays the badge, but it also gives access to a video in which the badge holder performs the acquired skill. VBadge supports both, visual demonstration of highly complex skills as well as people with low literacy to express their practical abilities.
Aim of VBadge is to set up a badge challenge with a clear description of requirements and challenges to be matched, a system to link a video proof to the badge and an administrative backend for badge issuers to grant the badge based on the video proof.

This weekend I want to dig into MOBI and try to get some VBadge prototype running.

Starting with the code at GitHub.

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